## 1. What is a Trigger?

Trigger allows you to perform Actions based on different Conditions: when something happens in AhaChat — the following action will be performed.

For example:

  • Send a confirmation email or update contact details in your CRM as soon as subscriber's email address is changed
  • Send a birthday message to your subscriber or remind them about the upcoming event
  • Notify Admins when someone gets a particular Tag in one or multiple Flows

2. Creating a Trigger

To create a new Trigger, go to Trigger > + New Trigger.

Now select the desired Condition and Action. For example, let's subscribe them to a Sequence as soon as they get a Tag. You can apply this Tag in different Flows and everyone who gets it will get subscribed.

Save the Rule and activate it. It's working now! :) You can add several Triggers in one Rule. For example, you can perform an Action as soon as any of these Tags are applied. You can also create multiple Actions inside one Rule:

3. Adding Actions: Subscribe Sequence

This Action sends Flows from your bot content. For example, you can send a Flow with birthday greetings on the day of a subscriber's birthday or chatbot course to those who are interested in AhaChat. Here's what the setup looks like.


– The same Trigger will fire off for the same subscriber once in 30 seconds in case it can be triggered more than once during a very short period of time.

– It should also be noted that if you apply a rule trigger to a user via Bulk Actions in the Audience tab, the rule will not fire off. This is made in order to avoid bulk rule triggers for thousands or tens of thousands of people simultaneously which may easily overload your chatbot.