Create Messenger Ads

Are you looking to reach more customers by using Facebook Messenger or looking to re-engage prospects who’ve fallen off the wagon? Facebook Messenger ads are the most convenient way to engage with users on their own terms and be with them throughout the entirety of the buyers journey.

Messenger ads open the door for dialogue. They allow you to start a messenger conversation to uncover pain points or questions preventing someone from becoming a customer.

In this blog, we will go over how to create a Facebook Messenger ad.

What Are Click-to-Messenger Ads?

Click-to-messenger ads are the most popular messenger ads and are mainly used to build your subscriber list, help drive traffic and start conversations with potential customers - using Messenger as a destination.

In the Ads Manager or Power Editor you can find a destination option when creating a campaign at the ad level. Click-to-messenger ads use all of the normal ad and targeting options and will appear in the newsfeed. These ads are shown to users on their Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.

How To Setup Click-to-Messenger Ads

Before we dive into the steps, let's go over the basics!

The ad creation process is similar to a regular ad - fill in the text, headline, and news feed link description fields as you would for a regular ad.

The only difference is you make a selection from the call to action drop-down menu. And depending on what type of creative elements you have set up as Messenger content will determine what type of experience users will have.

When a user clicks the button on the ad in their Facebook News Feed or Instagram Feed, a conversation with your messenger bot will immediately open in the Messenger app.

Now Let's Get Started

  1. To get started, go to Ads Creation.

  2. Select Messages objective, then click Continue.

  1. Specify the target/custom audience and budget for your ad set/campaign.

  2. If you choose Messenger as your destination, you’ll first need to upload a Carousel photo album, Image, or Video for your ad.

Facebook recommends this image be 1200 x 628 pixels, or a 1.91:1 aspect ratio.

  1. Go to the Message Setup section to configure the user experience in Messenger when the ad button is clicked. According to Facebook, all Messenger Platform features, including quick replies, postbacks and templates are supported in the Messenger content.

Here are the two ways you can do that:

  • Click the JSON tab, and manually enter JSON that describes the message.
  • Click the Standard tab, and use the quick creation tool.

Below is another example of what an Messenger ad looks like inside the Facebook Messenger app after potential customers click it.

  1. For ad creation using the quick creation tool, fill in the fields to set the content of your messenger ad. You may also opt to specify the following calls to action, under Customers' Actions:
  • Quick replies: This is where you use a chat bot to configure automated responses based on what users say, questions they might have, or their pain points. You can place up to 10 standalone buttons at the bottom of the conversation for the user to click.

  • Buttons: Attaches up to maximum of three (3) buttons to the message template. Facebook says buttons can be set to send either a postback webhook event or open a website in the Messenger webview. For more information on postback and URL buttons, see Buttons.
  1. Click Place Order to finish creating your ad.

Retarget With A Custom Audience

Retarget the users who have interacted with your chat bot/page before you can use Custom Audience. A Custom Audience can be created using:

You can also choose a custom app event.

Learn more about setting up app events for your bot.

Re-engage With People You've Previously Messaged

You can only use this option to retarget users who you have had a messenger conversation with.

Integrate Facebook Messenger With Customer Support

Retarget them with sponsored messages or re-engagement campaigns.

Preview Of What Click-to-Messenger Ads Look Like

How ads that open conversations in Messenger appear on mobile Facebook News Feed.

How ads that open conversations in Messenger appear on Messenger Home.

How ads that open conversations in Messenger appear on Instagram.