1. What is a Menu?

The Menu is a simple way to provide your subscribers with always accessible options, like a help button which will send the user a message with helpful information, or a link to your main website.

Your Menu can be displayed in two ways on your page, with right and left align depending on your subscribers settings.

2. How to Setup Menu?

You can create and edit those options in “Settings” > “Menu” tab:

There are several points that you need to keep in mind:

  • Top level of the Menu is limited to 3 items;
  • Sub-menus are limited to 5 items;

Lastly, after you have made all needed changes and edits, don't forget to save them by clicking "Update Menu" button at the bottom left corner:

If you noticed that your Menu disappeared from your page, edit it by adding any symbol (like a dot or a comma) and click "Update Menu" button, and then deleting this symbol to update Menu once again with their previous settings. The reason why it happens is because Menu disconnects from Messenger every time the FB page is disconnected from AhaChat.