Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is an extremely simple (but expensive) way to broadcast ads to users through the Facebook Messenger channel. AhaChat's Facebook Ads currently supports creating Facebook Sponsored Messages (Sponsored Message) to attract customers via chat channels.

Since it is a costly method, this is a completely useful way to send broadcast on customers who have interacted with the page beyond the 24-hour window with the following purpose:

  • Re-reach customers by sending relevant deals, codes or coupons, and announcing new arrivals.
  • Promote a product or similar event after subscribers have expressed interest.
  • Continue the conversation from the client's last message.

1. Steps to create Facebook Ads

Note: If you want to create an ad, you must be the bot creator, the admin of the page, and at the same time have an advertising account attached to BM.

1.1 Choose an advertising account

(1) Go to the Facebook Ads menu

(2) If you have not granted advertising permission to AhaChat, a dialog box will appear requesting access to your Facebook advertising account. You must turn it on and agree on all these permissions and click "Done".

(3) After the above step, an advertising account will appear for you to choose from. In this example, I have one advertising account which is a personal advertising account.

1.2 Choose Campaign

Currently, AhaChat only supports the function of sending advertising messages directly into customers' inboxes.

1.3 Choose Ad group

(1) Either select an existing ad group or create a new one.

(2) For the audience selection section, you can immediately filter AhaChat's customers similar to the Broadcast feature.

(3) When filtering, the customer will have an interface like this (can be filtered by Tag, Sequence, Attribute, etc.)

Note that before creating the object, you must click the consent authorization link below and select Accept:


(4) You can also filter the customers by age, gender, country, language, and preference. AhaChat will then estimate the number of customers that you can send advertising text messages to.

(5) Choose your budget and schedule, pay attention not to set it too low, you can refer to the bid price here. Note that the Bid Limit is the amount you want to bid for 1000 impressions on Messenger. You should set the lowest amount here at approx. 10USD for 1000 impressions.

1.4 Create Ads

Create the ad name then, choose script and block from AhaChat. Note: A block can only contain 1 message with 1 picture or 1 picture card with buttons and a quick reply.

Note: You can remove ads if the campaign is ineffective or if you accidentally created the wrong ad.

2. Common Problems

2.1 Can't create Facebook Ads?

Please ensure your ad meet the following requirements:

  • Promotional messages can only contain 1 Message + 1 Photo Card with Button or Quick Reply.

  • You must have Administrative rights for the site, Ads Accounts, and Business Manager.

  • Your Ads account should be connected to your Business Manager and you have Administrator access to that account. Here's how to add an account to BM: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/910137316041095?id=420299598837059.

  • Should have enough people in the Audience. Facebook recommends sending Paid Messages for no less than 200 people to avoid any problems with proper sending. It is best to have 1000+ users in your Audience.

  • You have to set a sufficient Budget and Bid Control. Below are Suggested Budgets and Bids for all countries: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/discovery/special-messages/country-bids. If you still can't create your ads, try setting them higher.

  • There should be a valid payment method connected to your Ads account.

2.2 What is the right Budget and Bid Control for my ad? Can it be low?

The ad will go through the auction: the auction winner page will get the position for the Ad. Prices will vary depending on the country where the ad is being sent. For example, in Vietnam, it will cost around 10 USD per 1000 impressions. Bid control is the maximum bid you'll be allowed to set when bidding on a Paid Messages placement. The auction takes place automatically.

Facebook will not allow Ads to be launched if the auction settings are too low. The higher your budget and bid, the more likely you are to win the placement auctions, and the more likely your subscriber will receive your message. Of course, only you can decide which budget and Bid Control is right for you and will suffice for your marketing goals.

Here are Recommended Budgets and Bids for all countries: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/discovery/special-messages/country-bids

You can only send 1 message to a single user per 1 Paid Message.

2.3 Ads not sent to all customers?

  • Make sure that there is enough money in your budget, and that that the bid amount is not too small.
  • Set enough time, preferably about 5 days for Paid Messages to run.
  • Facebook recommends sending messages to a set of more than 1000 customers.

Do you have any questions regarding AhaChat Facebook Ads feature? Want to launch your outreach campaign through Chatbot with some expert advice from u? Do not hesitate to contact us for the fastest and most effective answer! Enjoy our free chatbot tool without having to pay any costs!