## What is a Sequence?

Sequence is a feature that allows you to subscribe users from your Audience to the chain of messages that can be separated by delays of different length.

Please note that a user can receive the same Sequence only once. If you're testing the Sequence by yourself, in order to receive it again from the start after editing it, you need to unsubscribe yourself from the Sequence and then Subscribe to it again.

Let's say that your sequence is finished and all of the users who were subscribed to it received all of the messages, but you want to add new information or you have a disabled message in the middle of the sequence - what is going to happen if you enable it or add a new message? As soon as you enable this new message, it will be sent out, and if the time on which it was scheduled has already passed - the message will be delivered immediately. Please note that this yellow dot is a sign that your flow has an unpublished changes. After you edit flow, please don't forget to publish it.

If you didn't receive your Sequence during testing, check if you're already subscribed to it.

How can I limit the time when subscribers receive Sequence messages?

You can do it by clicking on each message's scheduled time:

This is useful if you want to avoid sending Sequence messages in the middle of the night.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe users to/from a Sequence?

There are many ways to do that:

Automatically by assigning “Subscribe to Sequence” / “Unsubscribe from Sequence” action to a button:

Or to a Keyword:

As well as User Information in Live Chat:

Manually edit in “Audience” tab by using “Bulk Action” > “Subscribe to Sequence” / “Unsubscribe from Sequence” option:

Or directly in the user’s profile (click on the user in “Audience” tab in order to open their profile):