Can't Find the Facebook Page to Integrate a Bot

1. Make sure you're an Admin of the Facebook Page

Head over to Settings. You need to be an Admin of the Facebook Page you are trying connect. Page roles like Editor or Moderator don't have enough permissions to connect chat bots. Having this page in your Business Manager also isn't sufficient.

2. Make sure AhaChat has all the required permissions

If you are a page Admin, please make sure that you have granted our app the sufficient permissions, which you can see in your Facebook Business Integrations - Here are four required permissions:

  • Manage your Pages
  • Send messages from Pages you manage
  • Send messages from Pages you manage at any time after the first user interaction
  • Show a list of the Pages you manage

We recommend setting it to All Pages so that you won't run into any issues regarding this in the future. We won't do anything without your request.

If you decided to give permissions only for some of the pages, please make sure you've given all four permissions to these pages.

You can also completely remove AhaChat from your Business integrations.

And then try connecting the page again.

Don't forget accept all permissions.

Removing AhaChat from Business Integrations will also help if there's a page you're an administrator of, but it will not show up in the connection list.