Facebook Event for Conversion Statistics and ROAS

Facebook Event in AhaChat works similarly with Facebook Pixel. It allows the bot owner to save conversions when customers interact with the bot. Some useful functions include recording of conversions, optimization for conversions, and creation of audiences.

The most commonly used event is the Purchase event since you can base it on Total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from chatbot purchases. This is based on the value of all conversions recorded by Facebook Event from the bot and recorded from your ad. Purchase Events are trackable both on Facebook Ads and Facebook Analytics.

Take note that you can only track other events on Facebook Analytics. Here is a guide on how to create a Facebook Event in AhaChat.

1. Create Facebook Event in bot

(1) Go to the Automation menu > Create a script containing Facebook Event.

(2) Create a Facebook Event block.

(3) Set up the event to track.

2. Follow events performance on Facebook

2.1 Track Ads

(1) Select Customize Columns.

(2) On Standard Events, set ROAS display.

(3) The events’ results will appear in the section below.

2.2 Tracking on Analytics

Go to Facebook Analytics > Events

3. Functions and Uses

One of the primary uses of this feature is to track conversion rates for a target action. For example, you have a lead generation process in your bot that connects to a ‘Buy’ button. This button should be linked to a webform where the user can enter basic details such as phone number and address. After filling it out, the client will be redirected to a Facebook Event block with the pre-installed Purchase event that includes the price of the product to save the event.

Another function is to follow up with users who want support from your team through Live chat. First, create a button "Meet N.V Consultation" at the Conversation block. Then, when the user clicks this button, it will forward it to the Facebook Event block with the Contact Preset event to save the event.