Frequently Asked Questions

Having some trouble with your bot?

Here we compiled the common problems that are usually encountered when using AhaChat. Some errors occur due to misconfiguration or misinterpretation. While other problems are caused by a violation of FB Messenger platform policy. Whatever the cause is, check out the list below to help you fix your bot issues.

1. Why is my bot not working? Why is the Broadcast feature failing to send?

There are multiple reasons as to why the bot is not working:

  • You turned off the bot at the Settings menu or outside of the Bot List.
  • You are not the admin of the page integrated to the bot.
  • You just changed your Facebook password and was prompted to verify.
  • You have not posted a page on Settings yet.
  • You are blocking messages from customers.
  • You accidentally installed the AhaChat app as a Secondary Receiver.
  • You have turned on "Send quick replies to anyone messaging the Page".
  • You have used up all the API granted by Facebook within 24 hours.
  • You have been blocked from sending messages by FB or haven't Refresh permissions yet. (code # 2022).

To solve these problems, you just usually have to Refresh Permissions on Setting and the bot will be active again. If it’s still not working, please refer to the solution here.

2. Auto Inbox not working?

There are many reasons for Auto Inbox failure:

  • You have used the limited 1000 FREE messages for the unpaid version.
  • Auto Inbox is not enabled in the Growth menu.
  • Paste link or video post ID (should choose post rather than paste a link or use ID).
  • Have commented as a page.
  • Customers block messages from the page or are under 18 years old.
  • You have not granted Auto Inbox permission to AhaChat.

Please refer to the solutions listed here.

3. How can I save my current pages’ customers upon creating a new bot with AhaChat?

We have an extremely useful feature to help page owners not lose customers when integrating a new bot. Meaning, if your page has about 20,000 customers in each inbox from a year ago, after integration, AhaChat will convert these 20,000 customers data into bot registration. From there, you can send Broadcast and Sequences messages to build good relationships with your customers. This is also the feature that AhaChat prides itself on for being market-first and is running very well.

4. Why are buttons disabled when chatting?

If you go to the inbox page and see a disabled message like this, don't worry. Because this is the regulation of Facebook, individual inboxes will still work normally.

5. Can I schedule the bot to work?

Absolutely yes. You can set up the bot to work only when the employee is not on the page or combine the bot and the staff to bring better work performance.

Here is the installation guide for your reference.

6. Can't see the available page for bot integration?

If your page is not appearing on available pages, even though you are the administrator, there must be a problem with bot consent. You may have not given permission for the "AhaChat" application to access all your fan pages. The possible solution is as follows:

Step 1: Go to and look for an app called “AhaChat” (if you don't see the app, try and delete the app (rest assured, you will not lose the bot):

7. How to save data from chatbot to google sheet?

Please refer to the detailed instructions here.

8. How to transfer data from google sheet to chatbot?

Please refer to the detailed instructions here.

9. What is the difference between FREE and PRO accounts?

Both FREE and PRO versions have unlimited features and several subscribers. However, when using the FREE version, you can only send up to 1,000 messages from Broadcast and Auto inbox. While in the PRO version, you can send up to 100,000 corresponding messages. If you have used bot tools before, you can easily convert 100,000 messages which are equivalent to 25,000 active subscribers (i.e. if they still chat with the page).

Please visit our website for a complete FREE and PRO inclusions. You can check out a comprehensive comparison between AhaChat and other Chatbots as well.

10. How to transfer customers from Manychat / Chatfuel to AhaChat?

You simply have to remove Chatfuel/Manychat from the personal account that is working as a bot administrator. Then integrate your account with AhaChat. All customers from the old bot will automatically be transferred to AhaChat. The transfer time depends on the number of customers, usually, it will be around 2 hours from bot integration.

11. Can I send a message to all customers from each inbox page?

Yes, however, we do not recommend that. If you want to send messages after converting to a new bot, it is better to use AhaChat features instead. You can create Broadcast campaigns to reach the right audience for better advertising effectiveness. Please avoid abusing bots to SPAM because there is a high risk that Facebook will block the feature of sending messages from your page.

12. How to send messages to people who liked the page or commented on the page?

Before that was possible, but after some change, it’s not doable anymore. This is per Facebook's new policy to combat SPAM messages.

13. How can I prevent my page from being blocked or blocking messages?

If you use bots correctly, you will never be blocked because Facebook itself encourages businesses to use bots for business purposes. The proper way is to send the right information to your target audience. Meanwhile, improper usage means sending random information to a bunch of customers.

For example, instead of sending out messages on 8/3 with gifts only for female customers, you mistakenly send them to both Female and Male customers. This may result in inconvenience to some of your customers which might lead them to block your page. This may then alert FB and tag you as SPAM and will warn or worse, block the page's messaging feature.

At AhaChat, all the reasons why the page is blocked are mainly because of two features: Send

Broadcast and Sequence. So you should carefully read this guide to avoid unexpected situations.

14. How to automatically turn on the chat window when visiting a page?

Automatically turning on the chat/messenger window when visiting the page will help your page increase interaction quickly. From there, it helps improve shop sales opportunities. You can refer to this article to know more.

15. How to turn off or on Guest Chat?

Guest chat mode (also known as Guest Mode) refers to the option to chat your page without logging in to Facebook. Each chat session will last for 24 hours upon your customer’s first message. After 24 hours if the same customer chats again, the old content will be deleted on the client-side. So if you want to know how to enable/disable this mode depending on business purpose then please refer to this guide.

16. How to upload video/audio to bot messages?

Inserting videos into chatbot is a very effective way for products and services to be seen by customers immediately. This way, they will not be redirected to a web or youtube anymore. Thus, it can ensure that your customer will have a smooth purchase process. Kindly refer to this guide to learn more.

17. How to save reimbursement from AhaChat?

Kindly take note of this scenario. For example, you have a promotion, your customers sign up and get saved to the google sheet. However, for some reason, when the delivery comes, the customer doesn’t receive it. You can then filter out those who are eligible for refunds and then create a Broadcast campaign to inform your customers. Please refer to this guideline to know more.

18. What are the common error codes when using Chatbot?

When using a bot, there are some unexpected situations that can cause the bot to not work. And we have developed a debugging tool to help bot owners investigate the cause on their own. Each error code is a number representing a problem that you can check below.