Basic Facebook Ads

With Facebook's "Click to Open Messenger" basic advertisement, after the user clicks "Send message", they will receive text messages or images that are connected to AhaChat's bot.

However, with this simple ad, you will not be able to insert a video into the message. So it can possibly reduce advertising effectiveness. So AhaChat still encourages you to use Facebook Ads JSON from AhaChat more.

You can use basic advertising in two easy steps:

1. Create Ad Flow

Go to the Keyword Menu to create a new flow.

After creating the script, copy the Bot ID to use for Step 2 to create an ad (the sample bot id here is 19977333).

2. Attach the Bot ID code to Facebook

2.1 Proceed to create an advertisement as you normally would, and choose your marketing purpose as "Message" and click "Continue".

2.2 Select Message as "Click to Messenger":

2.3 Then proceed to define the audience, location and budget for your ad and move on to the next step.

2.4 Select “Edit” > Edit to fill in your advertisement

2.5 In box number (4), copy the Bot ID in step 1 (it is 19977333 in this example). Then click Preview in Messenger to see the results.

Any questions regarding the Basic Ads tool in AhaChat? Want to launch your outreach campaign with Chatbot with some expert advice from us? Do not hesitate to contact us for the fastest and most effective answer! Enjoy our free chatbot tool without having to pay any costs!