Broadcast in the right way

Most common reason why the Page got blocked by you send primarily promotional messages outside of the 24h Rule, these include broadcasts and sequences, where the primary call to action is "buy this thing". Please check more the below:

1. The first messages contained advertising promotions

This is the most common case because you almost always use the broadcast function to send advertising news, or sometimes you might not be aware that you are including advertising contents or not.

Therefore, if you could, please don't use adverting words such as “sale, discount, free, hot sale, deals, off, 100%". If you must to use these words, you could modify these words to avoid Facebook AI detection, for example, “discount” to “d.i.s.c.o.u.n.t”…



2. The content is not interactive

If you send broadcasts to your customers, they only read it and did not reply to your message. After 1 week, if you continue to send to these people your broadcast messages, Facebook will flag you as spam and your page is in high risk to be blocked.

Therefore, it’s not enough if you have interesting content, now you have to add Buttons or Quick Replies to engage your customers click on those, that’s called conversation. Don’t wait for your customer's replies, there is a chance they might be lazy to reply.



3. The same content is sent to all customers

You create a broadcast broadcast with the same content to about 10,000 customers, this will make FB understand that you are spamming, because Messenger is a personal and two-way interaction.

Therefore, you must use spintax, eg {hello|welcome|thanks} to randomize various content along with personalized attributes {{gender}} and {{first_name}} so that each customer will get a different and personalized message.



4. Send broadcast with high frequency

Imagine what will happen if you regularly send messages to your customer every day. Not only Facebook, but also your customer might hate this and it is highly likely that they will block your page.

Therefore, you should send a broadcast message to your customer ideally at least once a week or once a month.

5. Sending exceed Facebook's API limit for the day

Any chatbot platform is worked based on Facebook API, and the number of APIs issued are not infinite. It will be re-issued each hour depending on the interaction rate between page and customers. In other words, the more customer interactions your page, the more APIs are given to send broadcast. If your page exceeds this limitation, your chatbot will not able to send broadcast.

· What is API? Simply put, if you send one message to one customer, you used one API (an API call to Facebook). If your page reaches the API limit, your page cannot be used features to send messages, comment and like.

· Where is API from? It comes from the apps you are using, the more apps you have, the more apps scramble call API to Facebook that causes your page to reach its API limit.

· How long does it take for API limit to be reopened? Facebook will update every one hour, if you have new customer, Facebook will count more API calls and it is effective within 24 hours.

· How to you get more APIs added and how much? If you get one new person to interact with your page (like, comment, share, inbox, etc.) each 24 hours, your page will be counted at 4,800 API. If your get 10 people interact your page per day, your page will be used maximum 480,000 API within 24 hours.

· Does it add API for page with 100,000 subscribers? The answer is no. API is added when the subscriber reacts. For example, if you have 10 subscribers interact your page per day (equivalent to 10 * 4800 = 48,000 API) in a page with 100,000 subscribers. You want to send broadcast to 100,000 subscribers – equivalent 100,000 API. When you send to 48,000 persons, Facebook will immediately block people from 48,0001 to 100,000.

6. Blocked by the customer

Inappropriate content will be hated and reported by customers, which is obvious even though the message is not advertised. This is the heaviest mistake that makes the broadcast feature can do and could make your fanpage be blocked permanently.

Therefore, we found that the best way to avoid this mistake is that you should set a limitation to the number of customers to send broadcast messages to. Broadcast message count should be from 100 to 1,000. That’s a safe limit and it is default on AhaChat to help you for this issue.

In your message, it is recommended to add buttons such as “No, Thanks” or “Unsubscribe” so that customers can click these instead of blocking your page.

At the same time, you have to check on your page the following: detailed information, to check rate of blocking message. If the rate is higher than 5%, you must change content of broadcast and re-send it. Check here (change PAGE_ID to your ID page)

Note that if the policy is violated, page posting or the broadcast messaging feature will be cancelled for a few days or sometimes even permanently. But if you have violated said policy, please refer to the following content of resistance:

Hi Facebook Team,

  1. I will use bot to interact automatically with my customers, and promise to follow all of the Platform’s Policies in order to ensure a good experience for my clients. I think my non-promotional message can help my customers easily search and access the necessary information from my business.

  2. I will send interactive messages to my customers during lunch breaks, and their spare time. Because of that, I think it will not bother to them at all.

  3. The customers’ interactions to my page are increasing, so I want to interact with all of them by giving them good experiences. After 24 hours from the last interaction between page and customers, I will not send any message to the customer.

I promise that from now on, I will not send advertising, promotions, discounts to customers, and will comply to the Platform’s Policies from Facebook.

Thank you!