Bot Doesn't Reply to Inbox


  1. You disabled your bot at Setting menu or at List of Bot
  2. You are not the admin of Facebook Page integrated bot
  3. You have just changed Facebook password. Your Facebook account has a checkpoint.
  4. You have not published in Page Settings
  5. You accidentally set AhaChat app as Secondary Receiver.
  6. You enabled “Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page”.
  7. You have used an excessive amount of API provided by Facebook within 24 hours.
  8. Your account is blocked to send Broadcast (code #2022)


  1. For case No.(1), bot will stop working because you disabled this feature.
  2. For cases No.(2), (3) and (4), bot will not automatically reply and collect customer data. Therefore, you are requested to fix these immediately.

How to fix:

1. For case (1), you go to Settings menu and enable your bot

2. For case (2), you are required to go to the Role menu on your Facebook Page, and it must be assured that you are an Admin of this page.

Error notification when bot is being tested.

Check again to ensure that you are an administrator.

3. For case (3), you are required to go to General Settings, hit Refresh Permissions button

If you cannot enable because a red warning occurs on your screen, please logout then log back in AhaChat.

4. For case (4), you are required to go to Settings on your fan page and change it to “Page Published”

5. For case (5), you are required to go to Settings on your fanpage, select Advanced Messaging, click on App Settings and change as the following

6. For case (6) “Send Instant Replies….”, you are requested to go Setting - Messaging - Disable this feature.

7. For case (7), because you used an excessive amount of API issued by Facebook, you must wait till Facebook reissues messaging access within 24 hours. This is the only solution for this case.

‌It is noted that, if you want to provide more API, you must try to make your customers reply to bot. And the most effective way to do this is via mini games, these could attract customers to interact with your bot.

How is API granted?

Any chatbot platform is worked based on Facebook API, and the number of APIs issued are not infinite. It will be re-issued each hour depending on the interaction rate between page and customers. In other words, the more customer interactions your page, the more APIs are given to send broadcast. If your page exceeds this limitation, your chatbot will not able to send broadcast.

· What is API? Simply put, if you send one message to one customer, you used one API (an API call to Facebook). If your page reaches the API limit, your page cannot be used features to send messages, comment and like.

· Where is API from? It comes from the apps you are using, the more apps you have, the more apps scramble call API to Facebook that causes your page to reach its API limit.

· How long does it take for API limit to be reopened? Facebook will update every one hour , if you have new customer, Facebook will count more API calls and it is effective within 24 hours.

· How to you get more APIs added and how much? If you get one new person to interact with your page (like, comment, share, inbox, etc.) each 24 hours, your page will be counted at 4,800 API. If your get 10 people interact your page per day, your page will be used maximum 480,000 API within 24 hours.

· Does it add API for page with 100,000 subscribers? The answer is no. API is added when the subscriber reacts. For example, if you have 10 subscriber interact your page per day (equivalent to 10 * 4800 = 48,000 API) in a page with 100,000 subscribers. You want to send broadcast to 100,000 subscribers – equivalent 100,000 API. When you send to 48,000 person, Facebook will immediately block people from 48,0001 to 100,000.

8. The most costly mistake is when your page is banned from sending Broadcast feature - the only solution for this is to make a Contest.

8.1 A notification will be seen on Facebook Page

8.2 An alert will be shown on AhaChat

You must enter Settings > Page support Inbox to run your contest. You contest should mention that you don’t know much about Messenger policy so you sent messages that could spam your customers.

Hi Facebook Team,

  1. I will use bot to interact automatically with my customers, and promise to follow all of the Platform’s Policies in order to ensure a good experience for my clients. I think my non-promotional message can help my customers easily search and access the necessary information from my business.

  2. I will send interactive messages to my customers during lunch breaks, and their spare time. Because of that, I think it will not bother them at all.

  3. The customers’ interactions to my page are increasing, so I want to interact with all of them by giving them good experiences. After 24 hours from the last interaction between page and customers, I will not send any message to the customer.

I promise that from now on, I will not send advertising, promotions, discounts to customers, and will comply to the Platform’s Policies from Facebook.

Thank you!