How to Create Shortened Link using AhaChat

If you are building an affiliate system with chatbots and want to provide your publishers with neat and beautiful links, using in conjunction with AhaChat chatbot is the best method. This service offers a reputable and free service that is widely used by the MMO community around the world.

You can copy the Flow demo

Step 1: Register for an account at

(Remember to verify email for your account to function. If you do not receive the email please go to the Spam section to check.)

Step 2: Log in to get API KEY for your bot

  1. Log in and go to

  1. Create API KEY.

  1. After creating successfully, API KEY will appear like this.

If you don’t understand how to use API, you can read more instructions at to be able to shorten the url by your desired name or add UTM tags to track the campaign on google.

Step 3: Login and create a script in AhaChat

  1. Create CONVERSATION block

  1. Fill in the API to create shortened links. Note the API here would be:[API_KEY]&short=[URL_YOU_WANT_SHORTEN]

In which API_KEY is Step 2 and URL_YOU_WANT_SHORTEN is the link you wish to shorten.


Step 4: Test and View the Results on Messenger

The tutorial has been completed. We are wishing you success with your Affiliate campaigns using shortened links. ❤