Create Lucky Spin


Lucky Spin is a very effective way to attract potential customers for your business. And especially if combined with the chatbot viral, it will create an extremely good customer boom.

For example, after Customer A has finished the Lucky Spin turn, a dialog box will appear for Customer A to share with Customer B to join the game to receive gifts. Or if Customer A wants to try spinning again, they must first share it with Customer B. This way your promo has the potential of reaching a wide audience.

If you still do not know how to create a viral chatbot on AhaChat, you can refer to this article to fully understand the concept (or if you are feeling lazy, you can directly go to the Bot menu template and simply copy chatbot viral).

Written below is a guide to create lucky spins combined with viral factors. In this example, your potential customers can receive gifts like product discounts with varying amounts. The rules of the game are very simple, each participant will get 3 turns, if you want to add more turns, you must invite your friends to join, and each friend who joins you will be given 1 extra spin. After dialing, your customer must provide their name and contact details so they can receive their reward.

1. Copy sample script from AhaChat

Click this link to copy the script and spin:

Here is a brief explanation of the purpose of each block:

b_check: Checks whether the customer has or hasn't played the game.

b_notification_a: Successful invitation notification for referrers.

a_bonus: Customer is granted another 1 turn after sharing.

spin_start: Displays spins for customers to play.

spin_result: Determine whether or not the customer wins the prize.

promo_received: Displays notification when winning a prize.

Claim Prize: Displays WebForm that collects customer information.

google_record: Save customer information in google sheet.

spin_turn: Shows the block that you share the spins with your friends.

Received: Contains a "thank you" message.

Now, let's explore the blocks in the spin scenario:

A. Block Spin_Start

This is the place that holds the spins when the customer joins the game for the first time.

At the button [SPIN TO RECEIVE GIFTS], the options on the spin will be displayed and the next connected flow will activate (this is the scenario where each time the bot is turned, the bot will respond to the winner).

B. Block Spin_result

This is the block that helps the bot check if the customer has won the prize or not.

Here you have to use 2 attributes {{spinlabel}} and {{spincode}} to save the spin, so if these 2 attributes are not "empty", it means that the winner has won.

2. Fix the look and spins rewards

A. Go to the Growth menu and choose Lucky Spin

B. The Lucky Spin template interface will look like this. It contains a variety of templates available that you can choose from.

C. Go to the Prize section to modify prizes, color, and win rate (WinChance).

Note that the step Save to the attribute includes:

Label attribute (text): save the name of the prize in the attribute.

WinCode attribute (text): save the prize code in the property.

Bonus attribute (number): save the turns added to the property.

D. Go to Style to fix the rotation interface including image, font, size.

E. Go to Player to choose the default number of spins for each player.

F. After the player spins, the results will be displayed immediately in this growth tool.

3. Test to see the results

Do you have any questions regarding how to create AhaChat's Lucky Spin? Want to launch your outreach campaign with Chatbot with some expert advice from us? Do not hesitate to contact us for the fastest and most effective answer! Enjoy our free chatbot tool without having to pay any costs!