How to Create Attendance Chatbot to Attract Customers to Interact

This certain method is a way to pull customers to interact with the bot more often. The rule of this mini game is fairly simple. If the customers click on the "CHECK ATTENDANCE" button on the bot every day, they will be given 500 coins.

With every continuous accumulation of coins, they will receive a gift after reaching a certain total points/coins.

To keep this on track, we will check whether the customer took attendance today. This will be equivalent to the date, month, and year of the customer taking attendance compared to the current day, month, year (if no attendance has been made, the prices this value is all 0). There are 2 possible cases:

a.) If the customer's attendance time is DIFFERENT from the current timezone, it means the customer is taking attendance for the first time today, so the system will add 500 coins.

b.) If the client's attendance time is the same as the current time, it means the customer has checked in today, so no coins will be charged.

Now we will apply this to create AhaChat bot.

Click the link to copy the sample Flow:

After copying, you will see the following script.

At the “check” block, we will use 3 attributes to store the customer attendance time and 1 attribute to store the coin the customer gained.

startday: The exact day the customer takes attendance. month_mark: The month the customer takes attendance. year_mark: Refers to the year month the customer takes attendance. points: The number of coins customers are given.

Compare the conditions as follows:

[AND]{{startday}} - {{DAY()}} = 0
[AND]{{month_mark}} - {{MONTH()}} = 0
[AND]{{year_mark}} - {{YEAR()}} = 0
  • This means if the customer attendance time coincides with the current time, then the system will recognize that the customer has checked in and should not be credited anymore.

  • Meanwhile, if the time the customer takes attendance is different from the current time, then we will inform the customer that they have successfully checked in, thus we will add 500 coins.

  • And before that, we will save the customer attendance time coinciding with the current time to avoid the case of the customer receiving coins for two consecutive times in a single day.

Note that on this script flow, we can expand the case that if customers refer friends to participate in attendance, they will be awarded more coins to encourage customers to share your page with their friends.