Create Shopping Webform

In this article, I will show you how to create a shopping page using web forms in a chatbot to help your customers make purchases directly on Messenger. They will not need to log into another website to start the purchase process anymore. This method will certainly bring better conversions and increase sales.

1. Copy script

Here is the flow script to order drinks from home. You can copy the provided link below. Then, edit the appropriate content for your business by following the provided instructions.

2. Edit Webform content

On the link above, there will be two provided web forms. Just edit the listed items and prices to suit your business field.



3. Edit Block Content

3.1 Edit “welcome” block content

3.2 Edit the content of the “menu” block.

3.3 Edit the content of the “order” block.

Note that in this block, we will use the Clear Cart API to delete the previously selected items in the cart. If you don’t need this block, you can simply skip over.

Next, you can add attractive promos such as Free Delivery for orders with above two items. This can capture your customers’ interest to order.

Lastly, the Custom Webform that was mentioned in the previous step.

3.4 Edit the content of the “check_ship” block.

This step is used to check the number of items that the customers order. It will determine if they have to pay for the shipping fee or not.

There is a Free Shipping option if they order 2 or more items.

If they order only 1 item, then they will be charged an additional USD 3.

3.5 Fix “summary” block content.

This displays product information and the total price so the customer can decide if they want to avail the Free Shipping option or not.

3.6 Edit “review” block content

After the customer completes the delivery information, the bot will confirm the details for the last time.

3.7 Edit “record” block content

If the order and delivery information are successful, it will be saved to Google Sheet to assign it to the delivery staff.

4. Test and see the results