## Refresh Permissions

Messenger platforms can unexpectedly drop page permissions on admin password change or due to its internal reasons. In case of any trouble with content sending or service setup, we recommend you to refresh permissions.

The whitelisted domain property of your bot's Messenger profile specifies a list of third-party domains that are accessible in the Messenger webview for use with the Messenger Extensions SDK, the Checkbox Plugin, and the Customer Chat Plugin.

Bot Language & Bot Timezone

Bot Language: Localize your widgets – 'Send Message' button and the first message in Customer Chat Growth Tool - by choosing a language from the list.

Bot Timezone: can be set up to display and export various data according to the time you select there.

After this all your date & time values will be calculated and presented according to the chosen time zone. Bot Time Zone will be applied to all AhaChat features that were sent by the Admin's time zone (Conditions, Broadcasts, Trigger, etc.) as well as all integrations, for instance, Google Sheet Integration.

For example, if you're setting working hours from 9 AM to 6 PM through the Current Time condition and your Bot Time Zone in UTC+3, any user from any time zone sees that you're open only when 9 AM comes in UTC+3.

How is the time displayed for me and for the user?

Here's an example. Let's say, your Bot Time Zone is +0. Your subscriber is in +3. Subscriber enters certain time through the User Input: December, 2, 12:15 AM - and then receives it in Messenger. What will be displayed?

  1. In Messenger, the user will see the time according to this person's timezone: 12:15 PM (UTC+3).

  2. In Live Chat and Custom Field, you will see 9:15 AM (UTC+0): the same time, but in the Bot Time Zone.

But what if the time wasn't entered through the User Input? What if I've changed the Attribute manually or through the Action and then send it to the user?

The time will be displayed in the user's personal time zone too.

Clone this Bot & Share this Bot

Clone this Bot: Transfers all content of this bot to another page.

Share this Bot: Allows you to create a template of the bot and then share it via the URL link.

Greeting Text

The Greeting Text is one of the first things users see when they click “Send Message” button on your Facebook page. It’s displayed above the “Get Started” button in the chat window and is visible to all users before they start a conversation with your page.

The Greeting Text is a great way to give a summary of your page or your bot’s functionality. The text is limited to 160 characters, it may include variables and emoji.

To set up the Greeting Text, go to Settings -> General tab -> Greeting Text. Type your text in the box and save it by clicking the “Update” button below.

And here is what you get:

Well-chosen Greeting Text may help you increase conversion rate, so make sure to set up one for your bot right away! :)

Due to Facebook limitations, Greeting Text is only displayed in Messenger on mobile and in minimized Messenger window on desktop. If you open the full Messenger window on desktop, the Greeting Text will not be shown.


If you turn off the switch, the bot's auto-reply function will stop working on Messenger.

Sync AhaChat Tag to Facebook Label

If you turn on the switch, AhaChat Tags assigned to customers will sync with Labels assigned to the corresponding customers on Facebook Inbox

Hide comments

All comments: If enabled, bot will hide all comments.

Comments containing phone number: If enabled, bot will hide comments having phone number.

Comments containing keywords: If enabled, bot will hidden all comments containing the following keywords

Unhide comments after: If enabled, bot will unhide comments that were previously hidden

Remove Bot

Turns your current page bot off by disconnecting AhaChat from that Facebook page. When disconnecting the bot, you don't have to worry about your bot content and subscribers - they won't be lost! You'll be able to re-connect AhaChat to this Facebook page at any time and find all the content and subscribers exactly where you left them before.