Refer A Friend Giveaway


Step 1: Create a bot (If you don't have one yet)

Click +Create Bot button to start creating.

Choose a bot to save time or leave it blank, remember to enter the Bot name.

Step 2: Copy the Refer a Friend Flow

For your convenience, you can also click on this link and copy it directly to your bot.

Step 3: Modify the “Share” block

After copying, modify the flow according to your bot. Add a Share button where the url is:

Then add the scenario transition action: Start another flow > check_share

Step 4: Edit the welcome script

Create CONDITION type block

Add condition {{ref}}, contains, viral20

Add Start Another Flow> Create Viral Version 2.0

Step 5: Activate the Game

  • Create a Ref Link tool and share it via Broadcast (by AhaChat), website, facebook, email.

  • Create an Auto Inbox tool to share via comments on posts.

If you have any other questions, simply send us a message on our Facebook page.