Facebook Ads Json

As you know, Facebook Ads - Click To Messenger helps you gain new customers and reach old customers who contacted your page previously. This is a result when you run ad such as “Click To Messenger”:

With default ads on Facebook, customers will receive default simple texts after clicking on “send message”,then waiting for a response from the sales staff.

While Facebook Ads Json will support creating opt-in messages (with many optional messages customization) to those who click on your ads.

Specifically, when a customer clicks on “send message”, they will immediately receive the message which you set previously on AhaChat with many options such as button, image, collection, etc.

It is simply set up with 3 steps:

Step 1: Create ad Flow at Automation menu

It is noted that you should create one more button in the first message because when a customer only clicks on a button or replies to this message, they become your subscriber list.

Step 2: Create Facebook Ads JSON

Go to Growth menu, choose Facebook Ads Json

Select flow and ad block to create.

Scroll down to see the content of the code you need to copy.

Step 3: Create Facebook Ads with Facebook Ads JSON

Once you have set up your Facebook Messenger ad (campaign type, name, targeting, placements etc), you'll be prompted to set up your message for your ad.

Click on "Custom Template" and then click on the "Get Started" button as shown below.

A pop-up will appear. Click on the "JSON" tab as shown below.

Facebook will take a few seconds to verify your JSON code and then you'll be able to click a link (as shown in the screenshot below) to test your message inside your own Facebook inbox (to verify it all looks correct).

'Send Message' button will fire your Opt-in Message to user's Messenger: