The name already reveals it a bit what it does. You can use it to add a delay to a flow so that it will continue later. This is especially handy for sending follow-ups & reminders.

Example: You create a viral game to give gifts to customers if they share a bot’s message with their friends. After waiting for 20 minutes, you will check and see that if the customer has shared with their friends already. If they haven't shared yet, send a reminder that the gift is almost over to motivate them to share the message.

1. Create the SMART DELAY Block

Choose delay time (minutes, hours, days)

Here you can add Conditions to jump to any Flow or Block you want.

Connect to other blocks

Smart Delay block is symbolized as a clock icon.

2. How to Use the Smart Delay

Use Case #1: Reminders

Whenever we send out content, we shouldn’t expect the subscriber is ready right that moment.

People are busy creatures, and with Messenger, on their phone, it’s very likely that the content you share reaches them at an inconvenient moment.

When that happens, it is possible that people will open the conversation to check what you’ve sent them, and then simply close it again because they don’t have time for it.

That’s why I included a reply that people can click to get a reminder later in the day:

And this has been a huge success!

Here’s what the Flow looks like:

See how that works?

When they click “Remind me later” we send them a message to let them know that we’ll remind them in 4 hours, plus we give them an option to continue earlier if they like.

After we’ve sent that message, we automatically continue to the Smart Delay.

Then, after the Smart Delay, we check if the person already continued in the meanwhile.

If yes, we delete the tag because it has served its purpose, and we stop.

If not, we send the reminder again.

This works really really well; it’s a great non-pushy way to keep subscribers engaged.

Use case #2: Follow-Up

Then, last but not least, sending follow-ups.

I especially like to do this after I’ve sent someone to a piece of content on my website.

(like a video, article or podcast episode)

Below is an example of a follow-up after someone received a lesson.

Very simple, right?

Just set the Smart Delay time to the number of minutes you think the subscriber needs to go through the content.