Auto Inbox

Auto inbox is a feature to auto-inbox, auto-like, auto-reply comments for posts of a fanpage. The most used case of this feature is the posts that want to provide quotes or share free documents in order to gain potential customers.

Step 1: Copy Post URL on Facebook Page

In order to have a url, click on time of the post

Step 2: Create Auto Inbox at Growth menu

It is noted that you can choose auto-inbox for all posts or a specific post

In particular, the auto-reply feature could be marked as spam because you use only one Facebook account to reply comments continuously in a short period of time. This makes your account susceptible to blocking by Facebook. If you use the said account frequently, the account could be blocked for one (1) whole month. Therefore, you have to invite at least 3 secondary accounts to become the editor or admin page so that comments could be replied by different accounts. Each secondary account will reply 20 comments within 1 minute. And so, if you have 60 comments per minute, you need at least 3 secondary accounts. (this formula is used to calculate the minimum number of secondary accounts used for this feature).

You have to click on the Agree blue button, then you will be directed to Settings > Role. You must click +Invite button and copy the last link.

After invited successfully, you will see the interface like below

If there are red triangles, this means that account has failed, you should click on this icon to determine following causes:

  • This account is restricted from the like and comment features. You have to add another account to replace or wait until Facebook unlocks. The error notification is “You’re temporarily restricted from liking posts, Pages and comments, and from reviewing Pages…”
  • This account has an error token, you have to log out and log in AhaChat. After that, please hit Refresh permissions so that feature could run normally again. The error notification is “Error validating access token the user has not authorized application…”
  • This account was added on AhaChat but it has removed permission as Editor or Admin on fanpage. You have to add these permissions again on Fanpage. This error notification is “Permission error…”

After 3 sub accounts are invited, reply-comment feature is opened to fill content as the following.

Finally, create contents of the inbox. Spintax is recommended to use so that the message will not be marked as spam.

Step 3: Testing

You have to enter a comment on a post to confirm whether this feature is set up successfully. It is noted that you have to use a personal account to comment and you may wait more than 1 minute to receive the auto message.

  • Customers who reply to Auto-Inbox will become a bot subscriber.
  • Only auto reply for Personal account, not Page account.
  • Time of auto reply could be delayed about 1 minute
  • Spintax and {{full_name}} are recommended to use
  • If Auto-Inbox cannot work, please refer to the cause.