How to Switch to AhaChat from Other WhatsApp Providers

You can migrate your WhatsApp Business API number and change providers (BSP) to create chatbots in our builder. This article will show you how to migrate your number to AhaChat (Official provider of WhatsApp Business API) and create a chatbot environment with that number.

Before you start, check the following points:

  • Your business Facebook account must be verified, as it is not possible to transfer your number in trial mode.
  • The number that you transfer the new WhatsApp account to must be linked to the same business Facebook account as the old WhatsApp account.

Step 1. Remove Partners from WhatsApp Accounts

Go to the Business settings, select WhatsApp Accounts and follow the steps as shown below to delete Partners

Please note: When you transfer a number to a new WhatsApp business account, you need to select the same Facebook business account to which your old WhatsApp account was linked. Also, your Facebook business account must be verified, as it is not possible to migrate the number in trial mode.

Step 2: Create a Chatbot on AhaChat

Return to the create bot page to Integrate Whatsapp

Log in through Facebook and go through all the steps of the WhatsApp setup wizard.

Read more: "How to create a WhatsApp chatbot".

In the next step, select the Business account with the WhatsApp profile

Continue to select the WhatsApp profile with the migrated number.

Choose your old whatsapp number, confirm the number by entering the code you will receive via SMS or voice message.

Once you have successfully completed the previous steps, the environment configuration for the bot will begin and in a few minutes, your chatbot will be ready to use.