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Grow your business by setting up viral referral campaigns using the Messenger Chatbot. Select a template to get started — no coding required.

Complete Messenger Marketing Platform

Unlike other platforms, AhaChat provides viral marketing solutions using chatbot that can't be found anywhere else.
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Grow customers quickly with viral campaigns
Create automation by visual flow builder
Send broadcasts to all subscribers
Synchronize Facebook label and AhaChat tag
Setting optional on/off time for Bot
Integrate chatbot into Google Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does AhaChat provide a free service?
Our business model is not based on number of subscribers or features. Our revenue comes from businesses that want to remove AhaChat branding name ($19/month). So, you can use AhaChat completely free.
How many bots does AhaChat allow to create?
Unlimited. You can create as many bot/page as you like, from main page to satellite pages.
Is there a free feature limit?
Absolutely not. Compared with other bot platforms, you will find that AhaChat not only has full features but is also simply used.
Would we lose subscribers when we switched to AhaChat?
Absolutely not. The good news is that it is not only old subscribers but also a customer who inboxed your page previously and it is all converted in AhaChat.
Could we set a timer to activate a bot?
Yes, you can schedule to activate your bot when there's no sales representative at any time. Also, turning on/off the bot does not affect the data collection for later marketing campaigns.
Whether we could be supported for Free plan?
Yes, of course. You a given livechat 1:1 with any issues related to our product.

How to create chatbot viral from basic to advanced

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We are proud to accompany the success of hundreds of thousands of customers
Meta Messaging Partner (formerly Facebook)

Overcoming the strictest standards, AhaChat has officially become a partner of Facebook in Asia. We believe that, with our experience, AhaChat will accompany customers to affirm their reputation and be the most solid product promotion bridge on more than 1 billion Facebook users.
Technology Partner of Google Business Message

Becoming "one of the first partners" of Google Business Message in Southeast Asia, AhaChat helps businesses and business people quickly deploy marketing & advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Maps platforms combined with Chatbot. quickly, effectively, optimize budget, help increase brand awareness and reach millions of potential customers every day

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