Bot template

The action will be replace current bot if any

Viral Chatbot
Shopping Chatbot
Ordering Pizza
Restaurant Feedback
Spa Booking
Leads Generation
Recruitment Candidates
Customer Support

Flow template

The action will be clone flow and add to current bot

Coffee House
Hotel Booking
Hair Salon
Realtor Agency
Bistro / Cabaret
Laundry Shop
Refer a Friend
Lucky Spin
Refer a friend to play Quizz
Shopping V1
Shopping V2
Json API
Web Form
Vip Card
Viral Card
Coupon / Voucher
Charity Organizations
Conference / Seminar
Photography Service
Digital Books
Flower Shop
Events Catering
Burger Joint
Home Business
Souvenir Shop
Tea House
T-shirt Printing Shop
Pasta House
Online Tutor
Diy Hairdye Shop
Online Course
Perfume House
Children's Store
Tour Package
Art Materials Shop
Amusement Park
Ice Cream Parlor
Donut Galore
Cheesecake Shop
Swimming Class
Gadget Accessories
Event Host
Hygiene Essentials
Costume Rental
Home Accent Depot
Jewelry Shop
Bag Store
Footwear Shop
Pet Supply Shop
Optical Store
Merchandise Shop
Ramen House
Clothing Apparel
Courier Service
Shop Order
Collect Coupon
Redeem Coupon

Group template

The action will be clone group of flow and add to current bot