5 Ways on How AhaChat Can Help Grow Your Brand via Chatbot

Posted on May 9, 2020 - 2 mins read

We all know that part of the objective of most business is to continuously grow and sustain the brand loyalty in the long run.

Our AhaChat team came up with strategies to help get more potential buying customers for your business. See what best works for you!

1. Web Form

We have a webform or a database form where you can obtain more concrete information about your market. All of the details will be housed in a google sheet for better visibility.

Like a cherry on top, this feature allows you to customize what your webform would look like to your customers who are interacting with your chatbot.

2. Auto Inbox

AhaChat can also activate your autolike and autoinbox function. Whoever likes a post automatically gets a prompt message to their inbox.

You can of course customize the message to your subscribers, first impressions last!

3. QR Code

AhaChat can also create QR codes for your special giveaways or sale promos!

We recommend that in order for your subscribers to get a QR code, they must do an action beneficial to your business like have 3 more friends subscribe to their page or if they have purchased a minimum amount of your products!

4. VIP Card

VIP Cards can now be given online! This is of course for all your loyal customers who have been supporting your products for quite some time.

Like the web form feature, you can totally customize this to your brand's personality as well. We have set templates on hand that you can mix and match!

5. Lucky Spin

To make things more fun, AhaChat also has a new feature called Lucky Spin! Like the pinwheel you would see at carnivals, all you need to do is customize what you can give away to your customers once they are to come across this feature.