The Advantages of Using AhaChat as Chatbots

Posted on April 23, 2020 - 2 mins read

While we have been giving all the pros of using Chatbots the past month, it's about time we show you why our company, Ahachat, is the best Chatbot to start and stay with.

1. The AhaChat free version has unlimited subscribers and features

This advantage will allow you to grow your page without a single penny!

Even in our free version, you can have your whole team on deck to create strategies and content for your business. What's best is that our feature doesn't put a cap on subscribers so it has more chances of your brand being shared and discovered. It's also a plus that if you have a lot of business, AhaChat's free version can accommodate all business suitable for a Facebook chatbot!

2. Our AhaChat version is a lot cheaper!

Our bot service is proven to be 10x cheaper. With its very affordable fee, you have access to use this for a lot of your pages and even access to our special promo features!

See full pricing details here.

3. AhaChat has a built-in WebForm and VIP Card feature

You don't need to go through the hassle of making your own. Isn't that great? Tailor-fit the template to your brand and liking and save it. This will automatically be integrated in your AhaChat chatbot.

4. AhaChat has also a built-in Viral Flow Templates

Your brand gets to experience the efficiency of our Viral flows.

We have created Viral Flow templates strategically made to increase page reach and users. Currently we have 6 templates to choose from, all depending on your business objective. Here is a sample video!

See all the step by step videos on this link. It's all under AhaChat Advanced Course 2020.

Here at AhaChat, we strive to build meaningful relationships between brands and customers. We also believe in your business's potential. Check out AhaChat today!

By Ahachat

We stay here to build meaningful relationships between brands and customers.