6 AhaChat Features that Can Help Customer Loyalty

Posted on April 30, 2020 - 2 mins read

Brand loyalty is sometimes hard to come about these days. AhaChat saw this problem with brands and thought ahead. We have turned them into features to grow your customer's loyalty and brand in the long run.

1. Broadcasting

This AhaChat function allows you to do mass messaging to a large number of audience by setting conditions based on their conversational answers. Saves you time and money since you don't need to hire individuals to talk to these customers one by one ;)

It also helps reactivate your existing subscribers, reveal their needs and interests, make up-sales and useful proposals based on their replies.

2. Sequences

The Sequence is a feature that allows you to subscribe users from your Audience to the chain of messages that can be separated by delays of different length.

Sequences are best described as a thread of messages you can send to select users. These can be based on their preferences they have expressed during conversations with the bot. An example would be a gradual lessons for a course over a span of a month.

3. Target Customers

This tool can help you in reaching more potential audiences from your current list. You may base it as the tags you attribute to them, whether it be by gender, by location or a specific attribute important to your business!

4. Featured Audience

This AhaChat feature is effective especially if you want to send out promotional news about your business to your customers. The difference here is you can send it out only to those who meet your news requirement based an action you had them do. For example: You might have asked them to share a post with 3 other friends or purchase at least a minimum amount of product through your chatbot.

5. Segment

Segments are a one-time scheduled message on a filtered audience. You can also limit the number of broadcast per minute. Cool, right?

6. Patterned Schedule

The flow of messages can be sent on repeating schedule patterns. As such, Sequences can be used over and over again.

But! Do not forget to refresh the conversation words from time to time. Remember, the goal is for the bot to convey conversations like a real person. Otherwise, it would appear robotic.

We will be delving into each feature in the following weeks. Stay tuned, AhaChatters! :)

By Ahachat

We stay here to build meaningful relationships between brands and customers.