5 Uses of Chatbot in Facebook Marketing

Posted on April 27, 2020 - 2 mins read

If you've been researching about chatbots, you'll see that it is available in different platforms such as websites, WeChat, WhatsApp and the like. We're here to give you reasons why Facebook is the best platform to have your chatbot and how AhaChat is at par with your brand requirements.

1. Live Operator Takeover

Chatbots allow humans to take over conversations at any time. To be more time and cost efficient, you can leave the basic Q's to the chatbot.

AhaChat has this feature as well. You can assign a flow that notifies the admin in charge of the page. Intervals to notify human counterpart is fast giving the customers the notion that they are actually speaking to a person.

2. Q&A Basically Covered

You can cover all the standard business FAQs through the chatbot. What's good here is that you'll be able to tailor fit the conversation according to your business personality as well.

With AhaChat, you are granted unlimited conversation flows that can redirect customers based on the responses they give! All responses can be harvested too and be made to create better strategies in business growth.

3. Facebook Messenger Ads

The new mobile-friendly ad converts at 3-5x higher rates.

With a huge user density at Facebook, chances are you'll get more chances of people interested to try your business out! This of course needs to be paired up with good geo-targeting for when you boost your ads.

4. Landing Page Replacement

Chatbots are much better landing pages because it has the ability to get user information to all those who engage in your bot.

Data is king. With having your chatbot in Facebook, you get a more in-depth picture of your ever-evolving market. This feature is also available at AhaChat!

5. Chat Blasting

Think email blasting but on steroids. Chatbots housed on Facebook has the ability to send push notifications and messages to all who subscribed to your page whether it be active or not active members.

In AhaChat, you will be able to segment this further based on the tags you attach to a certain subscriber. So you can push your promos for either a specific group or to your whole cluster. Awesome, right?


You can do a lot of things as long as you choose the right platform and the right bot that has the basic and beyond features priced at a good rate. This is what AhaChat's all about. Try making your first bot today and we'll make sure to be there every step of the way.

By Ahachat

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